Magic Spaces

You know those spaces that sometimes just make you stop because your heart does a little pitter patter two-step! 💓

This is one of those spaces! This unplanned space, created as we came back from #silobration, everything unloaded and thrown into the store at once with no plan as to where I was going to hang the yarn wall! ...then this happened! 🙌🏻

Maybe it’s a combination of waiting 11 years for these fabulous chandeliers, or that velvet emerald couch that I love love love @worldmarket 😍, or maybe it’s the memories that this little yarn wall brings back from our first experience @magnolia 🌿 oh, and that halo around the chandelier...those are my angels, their wings have carried my prayers for years upon years now.

Whatever it is, it’s a little magic all on its own! When you pass by our shop you see a building, or a flowershop, or a - that’s the soap girl place...but for us, it is years of magic and memories! 🙏🏻💁‍♀️

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