Our fabulous balm trio to meet all your skin and body needs in one little care package!

SKIN Balm is a brilliant concoction of the most fabulous essential oils. It works wonders on eczema breakouts, psoriasis, winter skin fissures, diaper rash, and general skin irritations. It has a mild aroma from all of the blended essential oil, reminiscent of a medicine cabinet.

MUSCLE Balm is fabulous for those stiff joints, tired muscles, or achy allover?

Muscle Jelly has a non-greasy formula with a subtle herbal aroma, with just a hint of mint and cinnamon. It has a moderate degree of tingly yet warm sensation created by menthol and warming capsicum and camphor oils.

Perfect gym bag companion, by your bedside, or at your work desk.

STRESS Balm is meditation in a bottle! Just apply a small amount to wrists and brain stem, take a few deep breaths and let those essential oils work their magic. Bringing peace throughout your hectic day and a little jar of sanity for those all-out crazy days!

*Best to keep at room temperature.