Honey Pear Solid Perfume Solid
Honey Pear Solid Perfume Solid


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This two-toned little lady is perfectly designed to catch your attention. Not to mention that irresistible aroma of fresh crisp pears, a zest of tart green apples and soft drizzle of sweet honey to engulf a picturesque soak full of frothy lather! Delish!

...crisp pears, tart apple zest, sweet honey...

Our solid perfumes are a high quality frangrance in a solid perfume that layers your skin with rich scents lasting for hours. Solid perfumes have been embraced by royalty for hundreds of years.


•Safe for Sensitive Skin • Long-Lasting • Intensifies with Heat • Great Travel Size • No Spillage in Purse • Discreet Application

To Use: Apply to pulse points, on wrists, back of neck, behind ears, between breasts or anywhere you’d like a fragrant aroma.

Recipe: castor oil, stearyl alcohol, olive fruit oil, beeswax, hydrogenated castor oil, soybean lipids, laurel laurate, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, a proprietary blend of fragrance and essential oils