Israel (Pure) Mineral Soaking Salt CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT

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Israel Salt Soaks are completely, 100% Natural & Pure. No fillers, no fragrance, no fluff and no colorant. Imported directly from the Dead Sea, Product of Isreal. It doesn't get more pure than this! #heartisreal

Our Mineral Soaking Salts are everything you need to detoxify, relax, renew and completely indulge! We use Mediterranean Sea Salts as they are noted to naturally detoxify and promote minor muscle and joint relaxation. No fillers such either, just pure solar evaporated sea salts.

The waters from the Dead Sea are unique in that they contain 27% of various salts as compared to 3% in normal sea water. Further, while sodium accounts for approximately 80% of the salt content of normal sea water, it comprises much less of the salt total in water from the Dead Sea. The balance of the salts in Dead Sea water are magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides. All Natural.

Toss a handful in a warm bath and simply, soak.